Well, I guess my promise to write every day fell a little short.  By a couple of weeks.  It has been partly down to being so tired lately, and partly down to lack of inspiration.  I really need to learn to follow my own rhetoric and just write something, regardless of what it is.  In that spirit, I am going to write a little about myself today.  So far, the only person reading this blog in my wife, who will already know all this, but I’m going to put it out there anyway.

I am 41 years old, living in Oregon (US) but was born in England.  I am married, no kids (other than the 4-legged variety) and work as a Software Developer.  Most of my blood relatives still live in England, except for an Uncle, Aunt and some cousins that live in Canada.  I moved out here to be with the woman who would become my wife.  We met online, not through a dating site, but a pen-pal site.  We were just chatting as friends, with no romantic intentions at all, specifically choosing to register on the “Just Friends” section of the website (which was epals.com, or something like it).  I proposed 4 days after meeting her in person, I knew straight away.  We have been married now for over 13 years, and I love her more each day.  She is my strength…

Which, in a round-about kinda way, leads me to my next subject.  I have depression.  No, I don’t have “the blues”, I don’t feel sorry for myself and I not being gloomy – I have depression.  Medically diagnosed, clinical depression.  It has been a lot better lately (drugs and lifestyle changes help) but I still have bad patches where my lying son-of-bitch brain tells me that nothing I do matters, which is what has been partly to blame for me not blogging over the last few weeks.  The last few days have been a lot better, more like my old self, in no small part due to the encouragement and understanding of my wife.  As a side-note, “Wind Beneath my Wings” just came on while typing this – how is that for timing 🙂

Why am I telling you this?  I want to be able to be completely open with how I feel and what I am thinking, both in my personal life in general and in this blog.  I am doing well being open and honest with my family, but not always with other people.  If I am going to censor myself while I am typing my blog, I will end up giving up on it because it isn’t what I want.  So, you can expect frank, maybe sometimes overly so, conversation from me here – good and bad.

Still here?  Awesome, I guess there is life out there after all 🙂  I PROMISE to write again soon.  If I don’t you have permission to hunt me down and play table tennis with my testicles.  Unless I am in a terrible accident where I lose my junk, because then it would just be a cruel taunt.

Catch you later 🙂


2 thoughts on “Welcome….again…

  1. A “taboo” subject talked about openly and with a funnybone tone to it, I love it! I rarely talk about my depression. Sir, thank you for your courage! Keep at your openness in your blogging. I’ll most certainly will follow your blog.

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