Welcome to…something…

Welcome to my new blog.  Not sure quite what I am going to talk about in here, it will probably end up being a “stream-of-consciousness” kinda thing until it forms a shape.  If I commit to writing every day, I might just make something good – or at least something okay….it will definitely be a thing of some kind.

Finished reading the book “Jumper” (by Stephen Gould) today.  I had previously only seen the (rather lackluster) movie, but I got the eBook in a Humble Bundle, so thought I would give it a go.  I loved it!  I looked it up online and there are 3 sequels out, so I will buy them at some point.  I have so many books to read right now, I can afford to wait.  I was given “The Long War” (sequel to “The Long Earth”) for Christmas.  It is from one of my favorite authors, Terry Pratchett (co-authored by Stephen Baxter).  I was also given the complete collected stories of Sherlock Holmes.  Combine those with the dozen or so eBooks I have bought in bundles lately, I have lots to catch up on.

I have gotten behind my reading lately – mostly due to my addiction to Candy Crush 🙂  I have decided to lay off the game (level 821 is probably far enough…) and do something more creative with my time.  Hence the reason I am starting this blog, it is part of my “make a thing” each day pledge, inspired by the “Radio Free Burrito” podcast by Wil Wheaton.  He talks about creating something, not expecting it to be always awesome, but letting the thing be what it is.  Sometimes the doing is more important than the end result.  Just “make a thing” and let the love of doing it be it’s own reward.  If it turns out well, there is a good chance it will find it’s audience.  For now, this will have to be good enough…

Watch this space…


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